Company News

25 December 2019

New equipment accepted for TGC-1's Avtovskaya CHPP

In Yekaterinburg, the Ural Turbine Works has accepted the first batch of new equipment for TGC-1's Avtovskaya CHPP renovation.

23 December 2019

TGC-1, OGK-2 and Mosenergo join the Gazprom Group's centralised liquidity management system

The Boards of TGC-1, PJSC OGK-2 and PJSC Mosenergo have decided to join the Gazprom Group's centralised cash flow and liquidity management system (cash pooling). The cash pooling leader is PJSC Gazprom.

26 November 2019

Severnaya CHPP of TGC-1 completed the refurbishment of power unit No. 4

Power engineers of the Severnaya CHPP completed the refurbishment of power unit No. 4. A considerable amount of work was done — the main steam pipeline was replaced, control circuits were updated, and the system of automatic ignition of gas torches was installed

20 November 2019

TGC-1 has obtained the Certificate of Readiness for winter

TGC-1 has obtained the Certificate of Readiness for the heating season 2019–2020. The decision was made by order No. 1225 by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation dated 15 November 2019 "On the Results of Assessment of Readiness of Electric Power Facilities for the Heating Season 2019–2020"

11 November 2019

TGC-1 Group Profit for 9M 2019 Increased by 27.6%

TGC-1 releases unaudited interim consolidated Financial Statements for the 9 months period, ended 30 September 2019 prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

01 November 2019

TGC-1's interactive annual report received an international award

TGC-1's interactive annual report for 2018 that was designed jointly with 2PR received a platinum award at MarCom Awards-2019, a prestigious international competition of design projects in the field of marketing, corporate communications and PR

28 October 2019

TGC-1 increased RAS net profit by 36.7% for 9M 2019

TGC-1 published its 9 months 2019 financial statements under the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS).

28 October 2019

TGC-1 presents its performance highlights for 9 month of 2019

Electricity output of TGC-1, including PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP, for 9 month of 2019 comprised 20,363.6 million kWh, which is 5.5% lower than for the same period of 2018.

23 October 2019

Governor of Saint Petersburg visited Power plant No. 1 of Centralnaya CHPP of TGC-1

On 23 October 2019, Aleksandr Beglov visited Power Plant No. 1 of Centralnaya CHPP of TGC-1

23 October 2019

TGC-1 continues the Paz Cascade's HPP sweeping rebuild in Murmansk Oblast

On 21 October 2019, a new transformer was delivered to Yanikoski HPP of TGC-1. The replacement of equipment is carried out within the framework of the sweeping rebuild of hydro power plant