Company News

30 April 2014

JSC TGC-1 staged an energy marathon for Petersburg school children

On April 30, 2014, at the venue for the International Children’s Design, Fine and Applied Art Competition, ‘The Room of My Dreams’ the JSC TGC-1 energy marathon got underway.

28 April 2014

Comprehensive testing of new integrated switchgear in progress at Russia’s oldest power plant

At the JSC TGC-1 Tsentralnaya CHPP power plant №2, construction of the building for closed 110/6 kV integrated switchgear with SF insulation is now complete.

25 April 2014

Tours for children at HPPs and CHPPs of the JSC TGC-1 Kolskiy Branch

On 24 April 2014, pupils from the 4th class of the Minkinskaya Special Comprehensive Residential School, visited the JSC TGC-1 Nizhne-Tulomskaya HPP in the village of Murmashi.

24 April 2014

Impeller wheel for Hydroelectric Unit № 2 delivered to the JSC TGC-1 Iovskaya HPP

to the JSC TGC-1 Iovskaya HPP from Austria. The equipment, manufactured at the ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH plant (Graz, Austria), travelled along a route which led from Austria (Graz), to Belarus, and then Russia (Moscow) and finally to the Iovskaya HPP (Zarechensk, Murmansk oblast).

23 April 2014

The Matkozhnenskaya HPP film on shortlist for the 4th international Barents Ecological Film Festival

The premier of Karelian film-maker Konstantin Lenchitsky’s film ‘Matkozhnenskaya HPP: Battle against the Elements’ is being staged on 26 April 2014 as part of the competition programme of the Barents International Ecological Film Festival.

23 April 2014

CHPP JSC TGC-1 in St Petersburg transferred to regime of periodic heating

23rd April 2014 from 00:00 11 CHPPs of JSC TGC-1, located in the St Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast, were transferred to the regime of periodic heating. The decision was taken on the basis of instructions of the energy and engineering supply committee.

21 April 2014

The JSC TGC-1 museum is represented at the international conference of corporate museums.

On 21 April 2014, as part of the First International conference “Corporate Museums Today”, a presentation of displays by company museums in Russia was held. Over 80 experts from corporate museums in the oil and gas and energy sector from all regions of Russia gathered to exchange best practices.

15 April 2014

The Board of Directors of TGC-1 recommended its shareholders to pay the dividends for year 2013.

At the general meeting the Board of Directors of TGC-1 considered the report on the results of TGC-1 activity in 2013 and recommended the annual general meeting of shareholders to approve the financial statements for 2013.

09 April 2014

Regions of JSC TGC-1 activity are in the lead by the number of hydroelectric power plants

According to the latest rating released by JSC RusHydro in March 2014, among 40 regions of Russia the Republic of Karelia and the Murmansk Oblast are the leaders in the absolute number of HPPs.

07 April 2014

Alexander Sobakin has been appointed the Director of Apatitskaya CHPP.

On April 7, 2014 Alexander Sobakin, who previously performed the duties of the Chief Engineer, was appointed as the Director of the Apaptitskaya CHPP of JSC TGC-1.