Company News

27 March 2013

Dubrovskaya CHP celebrates its 80th anniversary

March 27, 2013 the oldest thermal power station in Leningrad region, Dubrovskaya CHP, celebrates its 80th anniversary.

22 March 2013

Effect from Gazprom’s cost optimization in power industry exceeds RUB 7 billion in 2012

The Gazprom Management Committee took note of the information concerning the power generating assets development strategy as well as the efficiency indicators of the Company's investments into power generating facilities in Russia and abroad.

18 March 2013

JSC TGC-1: 2012 IFRS Results

JSC TGC-1 releases its audited consolidated Financial Statements for the 12 months period, ended December 31, 2012 prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

16 March 2013

Traditional international Ski-track of Friendship took place in Rayakoski with help of TGC-1

March 12, 2013 in Rayakoski settlement traditional Ski-track of Friendship between the countries of Barents region was held. Ski-track of Friendship is a unique massive ski-race across the territory of three neighbor countries —Russia, Finland and Norway. The organizer and the official partner of this event is TGC-1.

13 March 2013

At Niva HPP-2 repair of hydroelectric generator is finally completed

March 12, 2013 after a complete repair hydroelectric generator № 2 of TGC-1’s Niva HPP-2 starts its operation.

12 March 2013

XVII traditional international Ski-track of Friendship between the countries of Barents region will take place on 16 March 2013

March 12, 2013 Physical Culture and Sports Committee of Murmansk region organized a press conference on the traditional international mass ski race Ski-track of Friendship, which is going to be held on on 16 March 2013.

11 March 2013

The representatives of the Consulate General of Finland visited TGC-1’s Yuzhnaya CHP

March11, 2013 Yuzhnaya CHP was visited by the representatives of the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg. Station director Andrey Sergeyev made for them a round trip. The guests examined some equipment in the engine room, inspected the new energy unit, launched in 2011, visited the control room, from which specialists can conduct modern energy system.

07 March 2013

Large-scale fire-fighting exercise at Niva HPP-3

At Niva HPP-3, underground stations of TGC-1's Nivskiye HPPs Cascade, located in Kandalaksha, fire-fighting exercise was carried out. Operational staff of power station and Kandalaksha’s fire garrison took part in training, maneuvers were controlled by the firefighters from other settlements of Murmansk region.

07 March 2013

Head of the department of capital construction at Pravoberezhnaya CHP received the award Expert of the Year in the category Industry

March 6, 2013 in Astoria hotel business magazine Expert North-West held annual award ceremony Expert of the Year. Igor Tarasov, head of the department of capital construction at Pravoberezhnaya CHP became one of the winners in the category Industry.

05 March 2013

Meeting of Murmansk power companies' dispatching and operating personnel took place in Murmashi

Traditional meeting of control center workers from Murmansk region took place in Murmashi. The main purposes of this meeting were to analyze the results of cooperation between the companies in 2012 and to discuss co-ordination plan for the current year.