Company News

28 February 2011

30 MW of energy from the Lesogorskaya HPP

On February 28, 2011 TGC-1 set new unit of 29,5MW at the Lesogorskaya HPP of the Vuoksi HPPs Cascade

24 February 2011

New unit at the Lesogorskaya HPP will be set from St. Petersburg

February 28, 2011 new unit of the Lesogorskaya HPP of the Vuoksa HPPs Cascade will be set in operation from St.Petersburg.

15 February 2011

Annual meeting of Committee of the "Agreement concerning the Regulations of Lake Inari" took place in St. Petersburg

February 15, 2011. In St. Petersburg there takes place the annual meeting of three countries Commitee on the questions of regulation of the Lake Inari system.


14 February 2011

TGC-1 finished a series of test runs of a new hydro unit at Lesogorskaya HPP

TGC-1 announces that it successfully finished pre-commissioning testing of a new 29.5MW hydraulic unit at Lesogorskaya hydroelectric power plant (HPP) of Vuoksa cascade in the Leningrad region. The main equipment and automatic control system of the new turbine have worked in a normal mode during the tryout. Currently the final tune-up is underway at the station as it readies for a start of commercial operation.

11 February 2011

Standard & Poor's affirms GAMMA rating of TGC-1 at GAMMA-5

Standard & Poor's Governance Services affirmed its Governance, Accountability, Management Metrics and Analysis (GAMMA) score of JSC TGC-1 at the level of GAMMA-5.

09 February 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits Yuzhnaya CHPP-22 during his visit to St. Petersburg and inspects its recently completed power-generating unit

During the inspection the prime minister was told that the new combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) unit, whose construction started in 2008, met the highest environmental standards, and that it would significantly increase electricity generation. The new CCGT unit will have electricity generating capacity of 450 MW, and heat capacity of 341 Gcal/h.

01 February 2011

TGC-1 creates repairs and maintenance JV with ElectroCentroMontazh

JSC “TGC-1” and JSC “ElectroCentroMontazh” announce the establishment of a special-purpose repairs and maintenance (R&M) joint venture (JV) LLC “TGC-1-Service”.