Company News

06 September 2019

“My works were written with concrete and iron”: TGC-1 presents a project dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Genrikh Graftio

The TGC-1 project dedicated to the 150th anniversary of power engineer Genrikh Graftio started in St. Petersburg on 6 September. It includes an exhibit about the most important periods in the life of the founder of the Russian hydropower engineering school, and walking tours to the places where Genrikh Graftio lived and worked

05 September 2019

Apatitskaya CHPP switched to winter operating mode

Apatitskaya CHPP of TGC-1, the only heat supply source of the towns of Apatity and Kirovsk in Murmansk Oblast, switched to the winter operating mode

20 August 2019

Cooperation of three countries on the regulation of Lake Inari celebrates its 60th anniversary

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of cooperation between Russia, Norway and Finland on the regulation of Lake Inari. On 20 August, the Finnish municipality of Inari hosted a meeting of Representatives of the three countries, timed to that date

20 August 2019

An educational trip for Swedish journalists takes place in Murmansk Oblast

During the tour, organised by Barents Press Russia and Barents Press Sweden, the participants visited TGC-1's Verkhne-Tulomskaya and Nizhne-Tulomskaya HPPs, as well as Murmanskaya CHPP

05 August 2019

TGC-1 Group’s Profit under IFRS for H1 2019 Increased by 16.9%

TGC-1 releases unaudited interim consolidated Financial Statements for the 6 months period, ended 30 June 2019 prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

29 July 2019

TGC-1 increased RAS net profit by 36.6% in H1 2019

TGC-1 published its 6 months 2019 financial statements under the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS).

29 July 2019

TGC-1 increased electricity output of CHPPs by 4.7% in H1 2019

Electricity output of TGC-1, including PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP, for H1 2019 comprised 15,077.8 million kWh, which is 5.2% lower than for the same period of 2018.

06 August 2019

Head of Murmansk Oblast visits Murmanskaya CHPP

On 24 July 2019, the acting Governor of Murmansk Oblast Andrey Chibis and the General Director of TGC-1 Alexey Barvinok got acquainted with the operation of new water treatment facilities and the system of closed fuel oil discharge at Centralnaya CHPP and PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP.

03 July 2019

Summer repair works were completed at Petrozavodskaya CHPP

On 3 July, Petrozavodskaya CHPP resumed hot water supply after the end of the summer Repair and Maintenance Programme according to the schedule approved by the city administration. Within two weeks, the energy workers performed a large amount of work, providing safe operation of the plant and the main heating grids for preparation to the autumn and winter heating period 2019/2020

30 June 2019

Niva HPP-2 TGC-1 celebrates its 85th anniversary

30 June 2019 was the 85th anniversary of the launch of the first hydropower plant in the Murmansk Oblast — Niva HPP-2. The construction of the plant was provided by the GOELRO plan and was caused by the need in power supply sources for the development of the apatite-nepheline rock fields in Khibiny mountains.