Company News

20 September 2021

TGС-1 PJSC Enhances Reliability of Yushkozerskaya HPP

TGC-1 engineers have completed the overhaul of hydroelectric unit No. 1 at the Yushkozerskaya HPP to enhance reliability of the electricity supply for residents of the Kaleval and Muyezersky districts.

18 August 2021

PJSC TGС-1 increases the reliability of the equipment at the Rayakoski HPP

The work performed has made it possible to increase the reliability and safety of operation of generating equipment.

18 August 2021

TGC-1 concludes a deal to issue green certificates for Beko

The deal took place on the Sber blockchain platform.

05 August 2021

TGC-1 releases IFRS Financial Statements for the H1 2021

TGC-1 releases abbreviated consolidated Financial Statements for the 6 months period, ended 30 June 2021 prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

12 August 2021

TGC-1 H1 2021 Heat Output increased by 11.6%, Electricity Output– by 7.7%

In 6M 2021 electricity output of TGC-1, including JSC Murmanskaya CHPP, comprised 16,190.3 million kWh, up by 7.7% compared to 6M 2020 figure.

12 August 2021

TGC-1 H1 2021 RAS Net Profit Increased by 47.7%

TGC-1 published January-June 2021 financial statements under the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS).

14 July 2021

TGC-1 PJSC expands the fleet of generating equipment that ensures the system reliability of the Unified Power System

Power unit No. 4 of the Yuzhnaya CHPP of TGC-1 PJSC has passed a competitive selection and since July 2021 participates in ensuring the system reliability of the Unified Power System of Russia in terms of rated primary frequency control (RPFC)

14 July 2021

TGC-1 to supply “green” energy for Shchekinoazot Chemical Company

Shchekinoazot Chemical Company has acquired 5,000 “green” certificates from TGC-1 PJSC, which confirm the origin of energy from renewable sources.

14 July 2021

TGC-1 PJSC increases the reliability of heat and electricity supply to residents, enterprises and organizations of Petrozavodsk

The power engineers of TGC-1 PJSC have completed the overhaul of turbine generator No. 1 at the Petrozavodskaya CHPP.

14 July 2021

TGС-1 PJSC completes the first stage of modernization of hydroelectric units at the Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP, the most powerful in the Northwest of Russia

TGС-1 PJSC (part of Gazprom Energoholding Group) has put into operation modernized hydroelectric unit No. 1, the second of four being upgraded, at the Verkhne-Tulomskaya hydroelectric power plant (HPP).