Annual report 2006 JSC "TGC-1"

Helmet — basic values

Helmet — headwear used to protect top of the head from falling objects, moisture impact, electric current and metal spray. Helmet secures from danger of falling sharp objects, has a high degree of shock absorption and is resistible against effects of aggressive environment. Helmet is supplied with textile size adjustable head strap with six mounting points. Helmet colors: white, yellow, red, blue, green”

Safety standards system


Way back helmet ceased to be just a utility object designed to protect human head from the harmful effect of aggressive environment. Helmet today is essential attribute of many great moments drastically changing society’s life for the better.

Whether it is construction of houses and production facilities, launching of ships, installation of power units or commissioning of whole new power plants — there’s Her Majesty HELMET everywhere.

Helmet serves man of every social status, trade, nationality.

Helmet is proudly tried on by leaders of state.

Helmet brings together members of all world religions.

Helmet is equally useful for first-grader or renown scholar.

Helmet is an integral symbol of trade for power engineers.

8490 helmets are currently working in TGC-1.