Charitable Activities

By implementing programs in the area of corporate sustainability and social responsibility, we promote the spiritual and intellectual potential of our country and the social partnership.

Our charity work is aimed at reviving spiritual and national values, contributing to scientific and technological advancements, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Our priorities are:

  • advancement of the arts and humanities, preserving the heritage and traditions;
  • support for science and education;
  • energy efficiency and energy conservation programs;
  • support for environmental protection projects;
  • protection of health and prosperity, support for medicine, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  • assistance to youth and children’s social initiatives;
  • support for disadvantaged groups.

Along with supporting various funds and nonprofit organizations, TGC-1 carries out its own socially significant projects.

Support decisions are made by the TGC-1 Charity Committee. If you would like to make a request for targeted financing of a charity project, a conference or other events, please fill out one of the following forms:

request for targeted financing of a charity project;

request for targeted financing of a conference or other event.

Completed requests should be sent to the TGC-1 Head of charity and sponsor projects, Svetlana Krasnoschekova:

The Committee may request further information if necessary.

Sustainability Report