Power engineers of TGC-1 increase the operational reliability of Kondopozhskaya HPP and Palyeozerskaya HPP

29 December 2021

Power engineers of the Karelsky Branch of TGC-1 PJSC have completed replacement of generator breakers on five hydroelectric generators of two power plants of the Suna HPPs Cascade.

Works on replacement of breakers, including installation, testing and commissioning of the equipment have been performed for half a year with active participation of the HPP staff, employees of Production and Technical Division and electrotechnical laboratory of the Suna HPPs Cascade.

“The new vacuum breakers are more advanced and high-speed in comparison to their predecessors. The upgrade of the equipment is crucial to increase the operational reliability of Kondopozhskaya HPP and Palyeozerskaya HPP, it helps to significantly reduce the failure occurrence risk and protect the equipment from damage”, said Nikolai Chesnokov, Chief Engineer of the Suna HPPs Cascade of TGC-1 PJSC.


TGC-1 PJSC is a leading producer and supplier of electricity and heat in the North-West of Russia. TGC-1 comprises 52 power plants within four constituent entities of the Russian Federation: St. Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, Leningrad and Murmansk Oblasts.

The Karelsky Branch unites 16 hydroelectric power plants into three HPPs cascades – Vyg, Suna and Kem, and Petrozavodskaya Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHPP). The hydroelectric potential of the region has been developed in the basins of the Suna, Vyg, and Kem rivers. The total power of the power plants of TGC-1 PJSC in the Republic of Karelia: electric power — 833.7 MW, thermal power — 689 GCal/h.