PJSC TGС-1 increases the reliability of the equipment at the Rayakoski HPP

18 August 2021

PJSC TGC-1 has completed the overhaul of hydroelectric unit No. 2 at the Rayakoski HPP. The repair of the guide and carrier bearings, the guide vane, the turbine shields with the replacement of seals and the support beam was carried out; the replacement of the thrash screens was performed.

"We continue to implement the repair program. The work performed has made it possible to increase the reliability and safety of operation of generating equipment," said Andrey Nikitin, Chief Engineer of the Paz HPPs Cascade of PJSC TGC-1.

For reference

Rayakoski HPP is a part of the Paz HPPs Cascade of PJSC TGC-1. The installed capacityof the station is 43.2 MW.

PJSC TGC-1 is a leading producer and supplier of electric and heat energy in the North-West region of Russia. The company operates electric generating stations in four regions of Russia: St. Petersburg, Republic of Karelia, Leningrad Oblast and Murmansk Oblast. The Kolsky branch of PJSC TGC-1 includes 17 hydroelectric generating stations and the Apatitskaya CHPP.