TGC-1 Increases Reliability of Equipment at Belomorskaya HPP

25 December 2020

TGC-1 Increases Reliability of Equipment at Belomorskaya HPP

TGС-1 PJSC has completed the overhaul of hydraulic unit No. 3 at the Belomorskaya HPP. Energy specialists have finished reconstructing the control system and tested the upgraded emergency-repair valves.

“The repaired equipment will improve the reliability of operations at the plant. The hydraulic unit has been commissioned once integrated tests had been completed,” says Aleksey Detchuev, Chief Engineer at the Vyg HPPs Cascade, TGС-1 PJSC.

Now when the three-year emergency-repair valve reconstruction program is finished, only one specialist, instead of a team of technicians, is required to operate these valves at any of the three hydraulic units and an overhead crane needs not to be involved. The hydraulic units received extra protection since the time needed to close the valves in case of an emergency has been reduced.


The Belomorskaya HPP is part of the Vyg HPPs Cascade of TGС-1 PJSC. The main parameters for 2020 are: the installed electric power is 160.0 MW and electric energy generation is 917.3 million kWh. The Cascade is located at the Vyg River which starts at the water divide between Lake Onega and Telekino Lake and discharges into the White Sea.