Severnaya CHPP of TGC-1 completed the refurbishment of power unit No. 4

26 November 2019

Power engineers of the Severnaya CHPP completed the refurbishment of power unit No. 4. A considerable amount of work was done — the main steam pipeline was replaced, control circuits were updated, and the system of automatic ignition of gas torches was installed.

"During the implementation of this investment project, we not only repaired and replaced the power unit's equipment but also significantly improved the personnel's workstations: the obsolete narrow-focused devices and recorders were replaced by modern digital technology. These changes will positively influence the reliability of the overall facility's operation," explained Oleg Shkurov, Director of Severnaya CHPP of TGC-1.

The program of complex tests of equipment, protection and automation devices confirmed the readiness of the power unit to carry electrical and thermal loads in full.

For Reference

Severnaya CHPP of TGC-1 was put into operation on 27 August 1975. The CHHP  provides power and heat for industries, residential and social structures of the north side of Vyborgsky and Kalininsky districts of Saint Petersburg, and villages Novoye Devyatkino and Murino of the Vsevolozhsky district of Leningrad Oblast. Today, more than 700 thousand people are warmed with the heat of Severnaya CHPP, and the generated electricity is supplied to the Russian power system. The installed electric capacity amounts to 500 MW, the installed heat capacity — to 1188 Gcal/h.

TGC-1 is the leading producer and supplier of electricity and heat in the Northwest of Russia. TGC-1 comprises 53 power plants within four constituent entities of the Russian Federation: St. Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, and Leningrad and Murmansk Oblasts.