TGC-1 continues the Paz Cascade's HPP sweeping rebuild in Murmansk Oblast

23 October 2019

On 21 October 2019, a new transformer was delivered to Yanikoski HPP of TGC-1. The replacement of equipment is carried out within the framework of the sweeping rebuild of hydro power plant.

The transformer produced by Starkstrom-Geratebau GMBH (SGB, Germany) replaces the old ASEA equipment (Sweden) and has improved technical characteristics for working in all modes and loads.

“The specialists will perform installation and adjustment works of all systems of the transformer. During its installation, a modern gas fire-extinguishing system will be applied for the first time at the HPP,” said Oleg Tyapinov, Chief Engineer of the Kolsky branch of TGC-1. “The complex improvement of the power equipment will increase the reliability of the hydroelectric power plant.”

For Reference

Yanikoski HPP is part of the Paz HPPs Cascade of TGC-1. The plant was commissioned on 26 December 1950. Two hydroelectric generating units with a total capacity of 30.2 MW were installed at the HPP.

The sweeping rebuild of the HHP began in 2019. It is planned to upgrade the relay protection of the generator and transformer and upgrade the generator automatic control system. The overhaul of the main generating equipment of two hydroelectric generating units was performed, including replacement of the stator's winding, speed regulators, oil pressure units and the upgrade of the excitation system.