New equipment for Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP of TGC-1 accepted

21 August 2018

The commission comprised of TGC-1, General Contractor Teploenergoremont LLC, and equipment producer JSC TYAZHMASH performed acceptance of the impeller for the hydroelectric generating unit No. 4 of Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP of TGC-1 in the Czech Republic, at the plant of ČKD Blansko Holding being a subsidiary of JSC TYAZHMASH, as part of the power plant upgrade project.

Power engineers performed hydraulic testing and took geometrical measurements of elements of the new impeller, including control of the piston stroke, reversing uniformity of all eight blades, tightness of the structure, oil and water pressure.

- To increase the capacity of each hydroelectric generating unit a technical decision was made to apply high pressure exceeding the current one more than five times, in the turbine regulation system. This will provide for reduced dimensions of the impeller's bushing and ensure the required water consumption at the same time. In addition, the new equipment is environmentally friendly: due to use of modern polymer materials for sealing, the oil volume in the system will decrease tenfold - Oleg Tyapinov, Chief Engineer of TGC-1's Kolsky branch explained.

The impeller is made completely of stainless steel and supplemented with inspection openings simplifying maintenance of its mechanisms by the staff.

- The manufactured impeller will be dispatched to the HPP upon completion of all works at the plant. The impeller remained of the same movable blade type, but the capacity of each hydroelectric generating unit will increase as a result of an upgrade, thus improving the reliability of the Subarctic power system and creating additional capacities for the regional development - Oleg Tyapinov added.

Dismantling works were started at Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP on 1 August 2018 - contractors started dismantling the old equipment and preparing the site for acceptance of new elements: new turbine shafts and an oil pressure unit have already been delivered to the power plant.

Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP is the main regulating plant of Murmansk Oblast's power system, which maintains the power flow to Karelia at the required level, as well as the frequency in the Kola energy system. Step-by-step replacement of hydro-generating (turbines, generators) and electric equipment (switches, breakers, transformers) is carried out as part of the upgrade.


Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP is a part of the Tuloma HPPs Cascade of TGC-1. This power plant is the largest HPP in the North-West of Russia. 4 hydroelectric generating units with the capacity of 268 MW were installed on Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP. The HPP's turbine hall is located underground, at the depth of 50 metres.

TGC-1 is a leading producer and supplier of electricity and heat in the North-West of Russia. The Company comprises the electric power plants within the four constituent entities of the Russian Federation: St. Petersburg, Republic of Karelia, Leningrad and Murmansk Oblasts.

ČKD Blansko Holding is a subsidiary of JSC TYAZHMASH and the largest turbine producer in the Czech Republic, which manufactures hydraulic turbines for power plants all over the world.