Specialists of Petrozavodskaya CHPP completed repair of a boiler unit

20 December 2017

Renovation of one of three power boilers with a capacity of 420 tons of steam per hour was completed at TGC-1 Petrozavodskaya CHPP. During the repair operations, the specialists replaced a front wall of the power boiler No. 2.

"Complexity and scale of this technological operation significantly differ from those that we regularly perform on boilers as a part of the Company's repair and investment programmes. The height of the boiler is 28 meters; it can be compared with a 10-story house," says Alexander Vdovichenko, Director of Petrozavodskaya CHPP of TGC-1. It was extremely hard to install new blocks of the front wall in the small room. What is more, two functioning power boilers were near.

Replacement of the power boiler's front wall tends to increase the efficiency of heat and energy supply to residents of the Karelian capital. It is planned to carry out repair work on the other two boilers.

Petrozavodskaya CHPP supplies heat to more than 85% of the capital's population and enterprises, as well as produces about one-third of electric power from the output of all power plants in the Republic.