45 years of Poduzhemskaya HPP

29 December 2016

On December 29, Poduzhemskaya HPP is celebrating its 45th anniversary. The plant was commissioned in 1971. At present it is a part of the most powerful cascade of hydroelectric power plants in Karelia – the Kem HPPs Cascade of the Karelskiy Branch of TGC-1. The installed electric power capacity of the plant is 48 MW.

The plant's name originated from Uzhma rapid that became shallow in the 30s of the 20th century.

During engineering and construction of Poduzhemsky hydraulic power system the key priority was to preserve natural hydrological conditions of Vochazhsky Cape. Power specialists strengthened the bank with rock fill, which allowed to secure the bank from intense erosion. This way the unique natural features of the river were preserved.

To improve HPP's reliability and operational efficiency TGC-1 performs scheduled systematic upgrading of production process with renovation of the core and auxiliary equipment. In February 2016, major repairs of hydroelectric unit No. 1 were completed at the plant. Additionally, excitation system replacement will be completed in the near future at the hydroelectric unit No. 1. All current repairs of equipment are duly performed as per planned volume.


TGC-1 is the leading producer and supplier of electricity and heat in the Northwest of Russia. The Company comprises the electric power plants within four entities of the Russian Federation: St. Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, the Leningrad Region and the Murmansk Region.