PJSC TGC-1 has awarded the best managers of the houses of the Northwest

19 December 2016

А new TGC-1 project The best manager of the house has started in St. Petersburg. The first event was the round table where the best managers of the housing and utility sector of the Northwest met. In cooperation with power engineers they discussed urgent problems of payments for communal public services and interaction with consumers, as well as legislative innovations in the sphere of housing and utility.

—  A problem of non-payment for supplied heat is urgent for all regions of the Northwest. Its solution mainly depends on communal service providers and we try to accumulate and share all the successful experience in the sphere, – said Edward Lisitskiy, Deputy General Director for Development. – Only timely and full payment for communal services is the key to stable and uninterruptible heat supply.

The round table was closed by awarding the best managers of the houses as ranked by TGC-1 consumers for 2016.

In St. Petersburg the awards were received by the heads of Nevskaya Laguna Homeowners Association, Housing Cooperative-802, Housing Cooperative-955, representatives of the state public institution Housing agency of Krasnoselskiy District, JSC City Service and Housing Cooperative No.2 of Frunzenskiy District, LLC.

The head of Mashinostroitel-3 Homeowners Association and the head of the Public Control Centre – non-profit partnership "ZHKH Kontrol" were awarded in Petrozavodsk.

In Murmansk Region the heads of RUSANOVA-1 Condominium and 24 Leningragdskaya Condominium in Murmansk, the head of 4 Dzerzhinskogo Homeowners Association from Apatity, the head of Kirovskiy Zhilservis LLC from Kirovsk were awarded.

On PJSC TGC-1 website one can find out more about Communal service providers ranking  and heat supply limitation procedure  for enterprises, commercial companies, non-residential properties.