A fish ladder opened at Nezhnetulomskaya HPP of JSC TGC-1

07 June 2016

On June 7, 2016, the fish ladder aimed at facilitating season salmon migration to spawn was opened at at Nezhnetulomskaya HPP of JSC TGC-1 

The fish ladder is the unique hydrotechnical structure. Its structure copies the stream bed of mountain river. Thanks to the fish ladder salmons swim to the upper reaches of the Tuloma river to spawn and at the end of summer they  return to the sea with the new generation of fish.

"Before starting the fish ladder exploitation, the power engineers carry out repair work and clean up the structure from rubbish and sand," said Igor Patsan, the Director of the Tuloma and Serebryanskiye HPPs Cascades of JSC TGC-1. Next year, we are going to reconstruct the fish ladder completely to improve its reliability and safety.

The fish ladder was built in 1937 together with the hydroelectric power plant and became the first structure of this kind in the country.