A skating rink in Gubernatorsky park becomes a winter art-space

15 January 2016

JSC TGC-1 is inviting the citizens of Petrozavodsk to visit an open ice rink.  Every Sunday starting from January 24 until the end of February, various master-classes, games, and other sport events will take place in Gubernatorsky park. 

The skating rink will be turned into an art-space Dvor ('Yard'), where everyone would be able to participate in various creative, social, and educational projects.  Volunteers from Dobrocentr 10 (Volunteering Development Centre) will be supporting the guests in their activities.

"We could not leave unnoticed the fact that Gubernatorsky park has become extremely popular after renovation, and we had no doubts in repeating the event and opening the rink this winter. In the morning, the area is turned into sporting facilities for school children and students, whereas in the evening it attracts all amateurs of active lifestyle. We thought of surprising them, when turning the rink into both a sporting facility and a creative space with a new educational space," said Valery Belov, Director of JSC TGC-1 Karelskiy Branch.

Many citizens visited the rink during the New Year holidays. Daily, specialists check the quality of ice and clean the area.

"Each Sunday we will be holding various creative activities in cooperation with art-space Dvor. We are elaborating the program of figure skating master-class. We are also planning to hold winter games and rope courses. We are glad to welcome all the citizens of Petrozavodsk every Sunday," claims Darya Makovetskaya, Head of Karelia Volunteering Development Centre.