JSC TGC-1 Completes Large-Scale Overhaul of Three Hydroelectric Units at Putkinskaya HPP

24 December 2015

Employees of the Kem HPPs Cascade, the most powerful Cascade in Karelia, launched the third hydroelectric unit at Putkinskaya HPP after excitation system replacement. Cutting edge microprocessor equipment ensures uninterrupted electricity generation in all operational modes and monitors generator status.

"Every year, we conduct equipment upgrade at our generating facilities because we prioritise the reliability and safety of HPP operations and continuous training of the Cascade employees," points out Vladislav Pankratov, Chief Engineer of JSC TGC-1 Kem HPPs Cascade. "We take pride in the achievements of the Kem HPPs Cascade team, which repeatedly won professional competitions among North-West energy workers. This year was no exception.”

In 2013, JSC TGC-1 started long-term switchgear renovation at the Kem HPPs Cascade, which included the replacement of 220 kV current transformers at Poduzhemskaya HPP and the installation of new voltage transformers. The Company also replaced ORU-220 bypass switch with a 220kV SF switch at Putkinskaya HPP.

The launch of new excitation systems at all three hydroelectric units of Putkinskaya HPP will facilitate uninterrupted electricity service to consumers. The replacement of excitation system at a hydroelectric unit is one the most most labour-intense and time-consuming technological operations.

In 2016, the Kem HPPs Cascade employees will continue equipment replacement at Poduzhemskaya and Yushkozersk HPPs.