On the Energy Worker Day, JSC TGC-1 and SKA-Silver Lions Hockey Club Made Children's Dreams Come True

22 December 2015

On Dec. 22, 2015, the Energy Worker Day, students of Yukki Correctional Boarding School for the Hearing Impaired enjoyed ice skating and hockey.

JSC TGC-1 adopted a good tradition of making children's dreams come true during the holiday season at the annual energetic Make-a-Wish event. This year, with the help of SKA hockey club and Doroguyu Dobra (Walking the Path of Kindness) Charity Fund, energy workers presented the children with an opportunity to try themselves at ice skating.

The figure skating lesson took place at the Tavrichesky Sad entertainment facility and was coached by Anastasia Vasilyeva, the winner of the bronze medal at the St. Petersburg Championship and international competition participant, and her students, while professional hockey players from SKA-Silver Lions club of the Youth Hockey League and the coaches of the namesake youth hockey school taught young athletes how to play hockey.

"Most of our students have never skated before. I am happy that they were fearless on the ice and felt confident with the help of young ice skaters and hockey players. The children really enjoyed the live performance afterwards. It is one thing to watch it on TV and something completely different to feel the true warm surge of emotions on the cold ice," said Natalya Temnyak, assistant director for curriculum and discipline at the Yukki Correctional Boarding School for the Hearing Impaired.

"I would like to thank all athletes for supporting our Make-a-Wish project. It is extremely important that they donated their time and held great training sessions for the kids who had the world of sports open to them. Together we made it a wonderful day for these children," said Svetlana Krasnoschekova, the Head of Charity and Sponsorship Projects of JSC TGC-1.