The Vyborgskaya CHPP of JSC TGC-1 celebrates its birthday

29 December 2014

30 December 2014 marks the 60th anniversary since the date of putting the Vyborgskaya CHPP of JSC TGC-1 into operation.

The history of the power plant is inextricably linked to the development of Russian power plant engineering. The Vyborgskaya CHPP was built as a boiler facility at the Leningrad Metal Plant. It was to provide the plant with the required electricity and steam for testing steam turbines.

As the heat load of the surrounding areas grew and the plant capacities increased, it became necessary to change the Vyborgskaya CHPP construction project. In order to increase the number of skilled employees, the heads of workshops and leading experts from other power plants of the city were transferred to the Vyborgskaya CHPP. In a short time, a small boiler facility turned into the “energy heart” of three districts, namely the Vyborgskiy Disctrict, Kalininskiy District and Krasnogvardeyskiy District.

“For 60 years, the Vyborgskaya CHPP faithfully and reliably has been providing warmth and light to homes, schools, kindergartens, factories and offices”, remarks Valery Bogdanov, the director of the Vyborgskaya CHPP. “Our employees’ professionalism, their ability to maintain and share the experience, their dedication to their work — all these priceless qualities of power engineering specialists ensure the smooth operation of the power plant for six decades”.

Today the Vyborgskaya CHPP operates and keeps up to date, providing heat and electricity to about 400 thousand consumers. Technical improvement of the equipment at the power plant is conducted on a regular basis.