Long-term fuel supply system modernisation project completed at TGC-1’s Apatitskaya CHPP

23 December 2014

The renovated fuel supply system was commissioned successfully at TGC-1’s Apatitskaya CHPP.

Main fuel of the Apatitskaya CHPP is coal, which is delivered by railway and unloaded using a special tool – a wagon damper.

The modernisation project covered expansion of one of the existing coal unloading conveyors and installation of a new conveyor 320 m long. Now it is possible to supply unloaded fuel to the whole area of the coal storage and keep it by coal types (Inta, Kuzbass, Vorkuta).

— Before the launch of the new line, we had only one station for coal unloading to the storage, now we have seven points. Earlier, we had to use ripper-dozers continuously to distribute the coal within the storage, which was absolutely inefficient taking into consideration the volume of stored fuel. Now the need in such work is much less, said Alexander Sobakin, Director of TGC-1's Apatitskaya CHPP. – Modernisation of the coal unloading system will speed up the wagon unloading process, optimise the production process and improve its reliability.

Every year the Apatitskaya CHPP is handling up to 500 thousand tons of coal.