Veterans of the Karelian energy industry have inspected the renovation of the Palyeozyorskaya HPP of JSC TGC-1 on the day of its 60th anniversary

08 December 2014

On the day of the 60th anniversary of the Palyeozyorskaya HPP, which connects the river Suna and the lake Palye in the Kondopoga District, JSC TGC-1 and the All-Russian Electric Trade Union, a regional NGO, have organized a visit of Karelian energy industry veterans to the power plant. They were invited to an on-site inspection of the comprehensive equipment renovation that uses state-of-the-art world technologies.

“This year, we are celebrating two important anniversaries. The Palyeozyorskaya HPP has turned 60, and the Kondopoga HPP is 85,” said Pavel Ganin, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Karelskiy Branch of JSC TGC-1 and a veteran of the Karelian energy industry. “The power plants of the Cascade are maintained properly, and the equipment is modernized with new technologies implemented.”

The veterans remembered how exactly 60 years ago, on December 5, 1954, the turbines of the Palyeozyorskaya HPP began generating electricity for Karelia. Its commissioning gave rise to the development of the Sunskiye HPP Cascade, which then comprised the Kondopoga HPP, one of the oldest HPPs in Russia. Afterwards, six small HPPs, which had been built around the Lake Ladoga in Finland, were joined to the cascade.

“Today, a two-year program of comprehensive equipment renovation with state-of-the-art world technologies is being implemented at the Palyeozyorskaya HPP,” said Alexander Sedelnikov, Chief Engineer of the Sunskiye HPP Cascade. “After the automation of the plant’s units, the staff of the Kondopoga HPP will be able to control the hydroelectric units of the Palyeozyorskaya HPP. Modern facilities for automation of electricity generation that are installed at the HPP have supreme technical characteristics and are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and able to diagnose the equipment condition.”

In addition to the technical achievements, the Palyeozyorskaya HPP is becoming a gathering place for water tourism fans. Every year, wild water freestyle competitions are held near the plant, as the river Tivdiya is in every sense a perfect place for freestyle kayaking. The staff of the Palyeozyorskaya HPP consider it very important to provide good conditions for water competitions; this year, it has been the Russian Wild Water Freestyle Cup with 54 athletes from 15 Russian regions. See more about this year’s Cup at