Winners of animation and graphics "Turn On Your Head" Contest announced

03 December 2014

On December 3, 2014 an opening of a loft project ETAGI exhibition took place displaying works  of "Turn On Your Head " competition  participants devoted to the energy efficiency and responsible resource consumption problem.

During the grand opening ceremony, the jury named winners in the categories of the "Best graphic design" and the "Best animation project."

— Most of the works of the animation and graphics competition are real works of art - the chairman of the jury Edward Lisitsky, Deputy General Director for Development of JSC TGC-1 said . — Each work displays thoughts and is a laboratory of ideas. They really make you think about the energy efficiency. So the "Turn On Your Head" competition fully meets our expectations - we are happy with the opportunity to show the works of many people!

— I am very happy that creative young people find time to study and practice, - a director, Alexander Yudin said. He also expressed his hope that soon the national directing school will get bright new authors.

As results, the jury awarded the first prize for the best graphics in the age category of under 16 years old to Polina Belova ("Warm weather flies away - days fly away"). Second prize — to Zulfia Khusainova for the "Save Energy" picture. The third place was shared by Yelizaveta Voskresenskaya ("Champion In a world of lighting") and Georgiy Doroshin ("Welcome").

A special prize from JSC TGC-1 was awarded to Lisa Satayeva for the "Heat to cats" work. AGT Communications Group awarded a special prize to Viktoria Pyzina ("Energy inside"). Miroedova school honored Yelizaveta Aleksandrova and Christina Flegontova for "Justice".

In the "17 and older" category the first prize for better graphics was awarded to Oksana Osipova ("Turnover"), the second - to Yekaterina Shcheglova ("Children afraid of the dark"), the third - to Nikita Zamyatin ("The Ilyich Lamp"). A special prize for a series of graphic works was awarded to Anastasia Plakhotnaya of JSC TGC-1. Also a special prize from a competition partner, 17 Bullets, is to be sent to Maria Mikhaylenko from Murmansk.

The best animated projects in the "under 16 years" age group were awarded to works prepared by creative teams. The first prize was awarded to the "Multozavrik" studio ("On the Important"), the second - a kindergarten No.5 on Vasilyevskiy Island ("What is Electricity?"), and the third - to kindergarten No.44 of the Kolpinskiy District "Tale of a lam”

The best animation project in the "17 and older" age group was "Energy conservation" by Diana Paritskaya and Polina Zolotukhina. The second prize was awarded to Gennadiy Buto ("Energovampir"), the third - to Olga Seregina ("Energy resources - losses or savings").

Based on the audience voting results the process for the best work was awarded to Ivan Gorjachev's animation project, "The lesson of a lifetime".

Special nomination award established by JSC TGC-1 was given to Andrey Gaiduk for "Dark Outside" project. A special prize from the competition information partner, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" newspaper was awarded to Ivan Zinin for his “Energy Saving" work, and a prize from SPbTV - to Daria Konopatova ("Through the darkness").

The "Turn On Your Head" exhibition" is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00 until 22 December 2014 at the following address: Saint-Petersburg, 74 Ligovskiy Prospect,  Loft project ETAGI, "Operating zone"