Petrozavodskaya CHPP of JSC TGC-1 launches major heat supply project

29 May 2014

The Petrozavodskaya CHPP of JSC TGC-1 has launched an extensive project to modernise the heating pipeline network in the centre of Petrozavodsk along Anokhina Str. – from Neglinka to Lososinka.

Replacing the pipes will involve increasing their diameter, which will in turn significantly improve the heating pipeline network's hydraulic control. It will also have a positive impact on the heat supply for consumers in the Oktyabriskiy and Pervomayskiy districts, as well as in many others.

“This project is, quite literally, very important for the city. Upgrading this section of transit pipeline has fundamental social significance – everyone in the city will benefit from its completion, as the provision of heat energy to more than 40% of consumers - the residents of the Golikovka, Zareka and Kukkovka regions - depends on the integrity of this project”, stressed the Director of the Karelskiy Branch of JSC TGC-1, Valery Belov. “The existing pipeline has been in operation since 1978. Being in service for almost 40 years has had an impact on the pipeline's technical condition and heat chambers. Every year, during planned hydraulic testing, we are identifying various defects and weaknesses and in recent years these have become more of a problem. The transit pipeline was laid in concrete channels in soil with a high level of humidity, and part of the system had no accompanying drainage, causing external metal corrosion. We decided to fully upgrade the transit pipeline under the investment programme for JSC TGC-1 2014”.

The transit pipeline along Anokhina Str. is a complex facility, located in the centre of the city. A considerable task is in store for the power engineers: the modernisation project includes the construction of a new transit pipeline and a lot of other related work, such as improving and redeveloping the area.

A section of the street is completely closed to traffic while the works are underway from the crossroads at Anokhina Str. and Krasnaya Str., to Lenina Str., from 08.00 on June 3 to 00.00 on August 10, 2014.  Temporary traffic schemes and the reassessment of traffic light signalling have been approved with the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, in line with established procedure.

Engineers are asking the public to view with understanding any temporary difficulties and complications that may arise as a result of the extensive and large-scale updating and overhaul of the heating pipeline network. Any such problems will be reported promptly in the media.