2013-2014 heating season results for JSC TGC-1 plants in St Petersburg.

13 May 2014

JSC TGC-1 released the results for the Company’s thermal power plants, which supplied heat to the residents, businesses and companies of St Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast during the 2013-2014 autumn-winter period. During the heating season, the Company’s 11 thermal power plants produced 15,045.6 thousand GCal. Electricity output reached 8,158.3 million kWh; steam-gas generating unit output from the Yuzhnaya, Pervomayskaya and Pravoberezhnaya CHPPs increased by 10% to 3,885.3 million kWh.

— The winter this year was warm, with the maximum load occurring in the first week of February 2014. Increased output at the new energy efficient power capacities, and improving the load at the old power facilities, allowed us to reduce specific fuel consumption for electricity and heat output, — commented Sergey Laputko, Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer at JSC TGC-1.


In accordance with the power plant preparation schedule for the 2013-2014 heating season, 19 major overhauls and one intermediate-level repair were carried out on key equipment in St Petersburg: 11 steam boilers with an output of 3885 tone’s per hour, two water-heating boilers with a heat capacity of 280 GCal/h and six turbine units with an electricity capacity of 636 MW.