The renovation work at Kemskiye HPPs Cascade completed

28 June 2013

The major repair of the hydraulic unit №1 at Yushkozerskaya HPP and the repair of the bypass switch at Krivoporozhkaya HPP of Kemskiye HPPs Cascade completed.

"In regulated term it was replaced the bronze bushing of the impeller, automation control for drain pump, reinforcement of technical water supply and system of hydraulic control - said the chief engineer of Kemskiye HPPs Cascade Vladislav Pankratov. - Also kinematics of the guiding unit was repaired and servo plugs of the guiding unit were replaced. In the factory the turbine shaft, mirrored drive of step bearing, rotor support to restore the original settings were grooved."

After the completion of the comprehensive test and acceptance of work the equipment at Yushkozerskaya HPP and Krivoporozhskaya HPP was successfully put into operation.