Dubrovskaya CHP celebrates its 80th anniversary

27 March 2013

March 27, 2013 the oldest thermal power station in Leningrad region, Dubrovskaya CHP, celebrates its 80th anniversary.

Dubrovskaya CHP’s history starts from the beginning of the previous century. Station was launched in 1933 and became the largest station in Europe and the first one entirely built by the Soviet specialists. All necessary equipment for it was produced at domestic plants. Construction was supervised by a talented engineer Alexey Kotomin . Dubrovskaya CHP used the latest technologies of that time and became one of the most important sources of energy for industrial enterprises of Leningrad and surrounding areas.

During the Great Patriotic War (the Second World War) Dubrovskaya CHP was completely destroyed. In June 1944 it was decided to rebuild it. In December 1958 station started to generate the same amount of energy as before the war.

Dubrovskaya CHP is unique: it is the only station in the region, which is able to work on the basis of four types of fuel — gas, residuum, coal and peat.

Today the station is a symbol and energy center of Kirovsk. It provides industrial facilities, residential and public buildings with electricity and heat. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful power stations in Russia, an example of constructivism, which was very popular in Soviet Union till the mid-1930s. The authors of the project were architects Junger, Teyhman and Rothstein. The architecture of Dubrovskaya CHP has no analogues.

Solemn events were held in Kirovsk March 27, 2013. The program included: visit of the museum-diorama "Break of Leningrad’s Blockade", opening ceremony of exhibition about Dubrovskaya CHP — "The Heart of Kirovsk" and a tour on the station. Management of TGC-1, representatives of the Leningrad region and Kirovsk administration attended events.