Gas turbines of Pravoberezhnaya CHP were successfully tested

13 September 2012

Pravoberezhnaya CHP is the largest investment project of JSC TGC-1 in St. Petersburg. Testing of the modern equipment at the second power unit was completed recently. The unit is  built on the basis of combined cycle plant with a capacity of 450 MW.

Gas turbine generators were checked by switching to the network and setting the load to 30% of face value with the full range of related commissioning.

The specialists of JSC TGC-1 and the main contractors performed work on the installation of electrical equipment. The complete switchgear 330 kV that is built on the basis of gas-insulated equipment from ABB and equipped with modern microprocessor protection is in operation.

Installation and commissioning of the main electrical circuit of electric power delivery is also fully completed. The main unit transformers and auxiliary transformers are in use in the project scope.

The specialists plan to output steam turbine at idle and then include it in the network setting of 50% load in the near future. Steam emissions followed by the noise are possible during the operation.

Commissioning of new power unit at Pravoberezhnaya CHP significantly improves the quality and reliability of heat and power supply of the city. The installed power capacity will increase to 630 MW and heat up to 1480 Gcal/h.