Energy experts from TGC-1 and Karelian filmmaker Konstantin Lenchitsky held a creative meeting with young eco photographers


On August 28, 2014, a day before the Green Russia National Environmental Subbotnik, energy experts from TGC-1 and the renowned Karelian filmmaker Konstantin Lenchitsky had a creative meeting with participants of the Creative Photography special summer camp. Young eco photographers aged 11 to 17 from Petrozavodsk and five districts of the Karelian Republic (Kondopoga, Pitkaranta, Belomorsky, Muyezero, and Kostomuksha) met at the Republican Environment and Biology Center for Children named after Kim Andreyev.

At the meeting, energy experts told about the features of environmentally friendly methods of energy generation, in particular, the Karelian power sector on the example of JSC TGC-1’s hydroelectric power plants.

“The national champion by the absolute number of hydroelectric power plants, Karelia is attracting photographers and video bloggers from all over the country,” said Arina Stepennaya, press secretary of JSC TGC-1 in Karelia. “Every year in summer, we organize press tours for them with visits to the unique power plants of TGC-1 on the rivers Suna, Kemi, and Vyg. For example, many of them would like to see the still operating original 1903 machinery of Hamekoski, the oldest HPP in Russia. The 1929 building of the Kondopoga HPP, which has been recognized as an architectural monument, is also of special interest.”

At the creative meeting, the renowned Karelian film director Konstantin Lenchitsky did a master class on industrial and location shooting. A contributor to many charity and education projects, he told about the favorite techniques and features of video shooting using his films as an example. At the end of the master class, Matkozhnenskaya HPP: Fighting with Nature, a finalist of the Barents Ecology Film Festival, was demonstrated and discussed.

Energy experts from TGC-1 invited eco photographers to participate in Turn Your Head On, a creative graphic art and animation competition focusing on responsible consumption of energy resources.

Moreover, the children were offered to organize a photo exhibition of their works in St. Petersburg in November 2014 and to participate in Mass Media Perspective, the 11th International Students Competition of Communication Projects where the best young professionals in PR, journalism, and advertising get together.