Severnaya CHHP JSC TGC-1 is celebrating its anniversary


August 27, 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the first power-generating unit of Severnaya CHHP JSC TGC-1. 

In 1970s, Leningrad's rapid development and a boost in construction increased the city's energy needs. The construction of a power plant provided power for growing residential areas of the city and its environs.

Today Severnaya CHHP is one of the largest CHHPs in the North West. It has five 100 MW power-generating units. The station continuously provides heat and power for northern districts of Saint Petersburg and the villages of Leningrad Oblast.

"We are constantly working on improving and updating Severnaya CHHP, and  for its 40th anniversary we boast important achievements and have big plans for the future.  This year, we are planning to perform major repairs on power-generating block #2  and replace the block's main steam line," says Petr Chepelev, the Director of Severnaya CHHP.  "Our CHHP owes everything to the people working there. Their team spirit and professionalism enabled them to meet all challenges and overcome every obstacle that emerged over the past four decades, and I am positive that they will keep it up."