JSC TGC-1 announces the winners of the Real Energy competition


On October 7, 2015, JSC TGC-1 had an award ceremony for the winners of the Real Energy competition for reporters, photographers, and bloggers at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

In the Real Objects nomination, most of the jury votes were given to Maria Mitrofanova who did a photo report on the modernization of the Pervomayskaya CHPP in St. Petersburg, a priority investment project of JSC TGC-1. The winners in the Real Energy Professionals nomination are Sergey and Vyacheslav Savelyev, Karelian bloggers who did a number of articles and photographs about the work and life of energy professionals at Energy Cruise, a press tour that lasted for days.

“In the year of our 10th anniversary, we would like to remind everyone that heat and energy, which the modern people are very much accustomed to, require hard work of energy professionals and complicated plants,” said Alexey Barvinok, General Designer of JSC TGC-1. “To cover energy issues competently, one should always stay in touch, keep track of plant commissioning and decommissioning, and understand the complicated laws. That requires great attention to the energy industry, and we are grateful to the journalists for their interest.”

The competition started on April 1, 2015. Over that time, over 70 works in various genres were received. All of them cover the operation of the power system of the Russian Northwest, generation facilities, and the people working in the power sector from the Baltic Sea to the Barents Sea.

“In six months, we did over 40 press tours. Reporters, photographers, and bloggers from St. Petersburg, Karelia, and Murmansk Oblast visited hydroelectric and heat power plants of JSC TGC-1 in every region where we work,” added Larisa Semyonova, Head of the PR department of JSC TGC-1. “We are grateful to all the participants of the competition and the reporters who cover our work.”

Winners in special nominations

Best Article

Sergey Kochetkov (engineering-ru.livejournal.com, St. Petersburg)

Best Blog Post

Igor Yagubkov (zavodfoto.ru, Perm)

Best Photo Report

Yevgeny Velichko (Murmansk)

Best Video

Konstantin Lenchitsky (Petrozavodsk)

Best Radio Report

Yulia Krasnova (Power Hit Radio, Murmansk)

Best TV Report

Vladimir Dvoyeglazov and Dmitry Savelyev (Russian Public Television)

Best Industrial Photography

Nikolay Ryutin (St. Petersburg)

Best Photo of the Nature

Igor Podgorny (Petrozavodsk)

Best Power Plant Anniversary Report

Maxim Golyamin and Anton Batayev (Arctic TV, Murmansk)

Best Instagram Post

Yevgeny Mironenko (St. Petersburg)

Best Industrial Photography Site

Igor Yakovlev and Vadim Dubinin (PastFuture.ru)

For Long-Term Coverage of the Power Sector

Maxim Zharavin (Bi-Port information agency, Murmansk)

For the Love of the Native Land

Nadezhda Tikkoyeva (Rural Blogger, Karelia)