Impeller wheel for Hydroelectric Unit № 2 delivered to the JSC TGC-1 Iovskaya HPP


An impeller wheel for hydroelectric unit № 2, currently under modernisation, has been delivered to the JSC TGC-1 Iovskaya HPP from Austria. The equipment, manufactured at the ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH plant (Graz, Austria), travelled along a route which led from Austria (Graz), to Belarus, and then Russia (Moscow) and finally to the Iovskaya HPP (Zarechensk, Murmansk oblast).

— All the parts needed to overhaul and modernise the second hydroelectric unit have been delivered to the Iovskaya HPP, — said Oleg Tyapinov, Deputy Chief Engineer of the JSC TGC-1 Kolskiy Branch.— Part of the work that is being undertaken includes the concreting of the impeller wheel chamber, and then the stator coil can be laid. It is planned to run power-generating tests on generator №1 with the experts from Austria by April 26; the update and overhaul of the generator was complete as of 21 January 2014.

The revolving rotary impeller wheel is designed to replace the propeller-design wheel unit that has been in operation at the Iovskaya HPP since 1982. The new equipment will operate to a wide range with a high level of efficiency, thereby enhancing the reliability of the power supply.