At Iovskaya HPP was put into operation the first modernized hydraulic unit


January 21, 2014 at Iovskaya HPP was put into operation the first modernized hydraulic unit with capacity of 48 MW.
Water wheels were completely replaced, as well as the regulation and excitation systems, protection and automation were reconstructed. An important result of modernization is improving the efficiency and reliability of the station. Implementation of an automated control system will optimize hydroelectric equipment loading modes and planning its work. Adopted in commercial operation system for the exchange of technological information with the automated system will allow efficiently control of the operating parameters.
- Today we are witnessing an important event for the region's power grid. Equipment of high quality that meets all environmental standards and modern international standards was put into operation, - said Alexander Antipov, director of the Kola branch of JSC TGC-1. - In 2014 we will continue to implement the investment program and modernization of generation capacity.
- This is a landmark event in the history of Iovskaya HPP. Sure, after upgrading the station will be one of the most reliable and modern participant of energy system in the Murmansk region, - said Sergey Gubich, deputy governor of the Murmansk region.
Modernization of Iovskaya HPP began in 2011. The replace of the second  hydraulic unit is scheduled in late 2014.