Tours for children at HPPs and CHPPs of the JSC TGC-1 Kolskiy Branch


On 24 April 2014, pupils from the 4th class of the Minkinskaya Special Comprehensive Residential School, visited the JSC TGC-1 Nizhne-Tulomskaya HPP in the village of Murmashi. The children were extremely interested in the question of where the electricity in their homes comes from. They traced the movement of the water at the plant and learned about the operation of the equipment to understand this question. In addition, they learned about the fish ladder, one of the few that are still operating in Russia today and were convinced that all the power produced at the HPP is environmentally friendly.

On the same day, children from the Kandalaksha SOS Children’s VIllage, visited the JSC TGC-1 Apatitskaya CHPP. The trip was organised as part of the charity marathon event ‘Kind cities of the Murmansk Oblast’; the trip enabled the children to learn about the operation of the most powerful CHPP in the region.

— We are always happy to run these types of trips and open our plant to visitors, said Aleksandr Sobakin, the Director of JSC TGC-1 Apatitskaya CHPP. – Actually seeing real power facilities fosters a greater understanding of the structure of these vital enterprises, and teaches a culture of energy consumption while promoting the selection of the power industry professions in the future.