TGC-1 power engineers honour the memory of the Great Patriotic war heroes


On 6 May 2015, as a tribute to the heroism of the defenders of the besieged Leningrad, representatives from the council of veterans and the youth activists council at JSC TGC-1 laid flowers at the memorials "Sinyavino Heights" and "Nevskiy Pyatachok".

Every year, on the eve of the Great Victory Day, trips are organised for the company’s veterans and young people to monuments of the Great Patriotic War.

- Our goal is to keep and cherish the memory of those who gave their lives for our happy present. We remember our heroes - the power engineers who survived the blockade in the besieged city, and the children who replace their parents departed to the war at the enterprises. These heroes have made an invaluable contribution to our present prosperity with their very lives, - said the director of the Museum of History of Power Engineering of the Northwest, Natalia Bystrova.

On the Nevskiy Pyatachok the power engineers visited the exhibition prepared for the Victory Day.

- It is necessarily need hold such events. We, the veterans, can share your memories with the young people, talk about those terrible days and the difficult post-war period - said the veteran-power engineer Boris Antonov.

The young specialists of JSC TGC-1 gave tribute to the war heroes, their courage and dedication.

- The most precious thing we have is the memory and respect for what our grandfathers and grandmothers did. In actual fact, there is so little time is left to express to them our gratitude for the fact that we can live, work, - said the leading specialist of the Training Center of JSC TGC-1, Ekaterina Pavlova. - It is important to preserve this and it is also important to every day, without waiting for the 9th of May, to show how dear they are to us, how valuable and how grateful we are that we can just be.