Reliability and Efficiency Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to develop and provide recommendations (opinions) to the Company's Board of Directors and executive body regarding the areas of the Board of Directors' activity.

The Committee is responsible for the following matters:

  • Considering objectives, priority areas and basic principles of the Company's strategic development (the Company's development strategy) in terms of improving technical reliability, safety and efficiency of the production;
  • Considering (evaluating) programmes for refurbishment and renovation, maintenance and repair, energy saving and power efficiency improvement, improvement of technical reliability and other production programmes in terms of observing the requirements for comprehensive technical reliability, safety and efficiency of the production;
  • Evaluating completeness and sufficiency of measures developed according to the results of accident causes investigation (process violations, including breakdowns, accidents, fires, emergency situations of anthropogenic nature, violation of fuel supplies), as well as monitoring their implementation;
  • Considering the Company's technical and environmental policy;
  • Evaluating management activity in terms of observing the requirements for comprehensive technical reliability, safety and efficiency of the production in the following areas:
    • operation of generating equipment, buildings and structures,
    • preparation and operation during particular periods (autumn/winter, flood, thunder and fire seasons),
    • organisation of the production safety management system (occupational, industrial, environmental and fire safety),
    • compliance with regulations of regulatory and supervisory organisations in the field of production safety and reliability.
  • Improving the system of key performance indicators of production safety and reliability, developing recommendations on approval of target values and reviewing reports on their achievement;
  • Developing the Company's standards related to planning, implementation and reporting on production operations;
  • Considering proposals for reorganisation of the Company's management system;
  • Other matters related to the above ones (except for those related to the competence of other Committees of the Company's Board of Directors).

Members of the Reliability and Efficiency Committee

Chairman of the Committee
Mikhail FedorovOperations Director, Gazprom Energoholding LLC
Members of the Committee
Parviz AbdushukurovVice President, Deputy General Director for Operations - Chief Engineer, PAO Fortum
Alexey VorobyevDeputy Managing Director – Chief Engineer, TGC-1
Andrey KalashnikovDeputy Production Director, Gazprom Energoholding LLC
Sergey MukhametovHead of Technical Directorate, Gazprom Energoholding LLC

Alexander Sidorov

Deputy Chief Engineer for Operations, TGC-1

Alexey Selin

Head of Department of PJSC Gazprom
Vladimir TsvetkovDeputy Managing Director for Capital Construction, TGC-1

The new composition of the Reliability and Efficiency Committee of the Board of Directors will be elected at a meeting of the Company's Board of Directors.The quantitative composition of the Committee is determined by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Company in accordance with the Regulations on the Reliability and Efficiency Committee.