Company Mission and Strategy

Based on international business standards, operating our capacities in an environmentally responsible way and implementing an innovative social policy, TGC-1 PJSC seeks to take the lead on the energy market, be a reliable partner for investors, care about our shareholders’ interests and meet our customers’ most exacting demands.

Making use of the best experience accumulated in the hundred-year history of the power industry, we implement advanced technologies, create live energy and give it to people.


The most efficient and safest supply of electricity and heat energy possible for the population, business and the country.


TGC-1 seeks to become the best energy company in Russia. The Company’s strategy is aimed at renewing capital assets to ensure efficient operation in the new environment, in which the electricity and capacity market has found itself. It is implemented through the approved investment program of TGC-1 PJSC.


  • efficient and sustained development;
  • greater investment attractiveness;
  • higher revenue and profit, higher liquidity;
  • better management efficiency and lower costs;
  • lower risks of the company’s operations;
  • building a team of professionals and building trust.

Ways to accomplish this:

  • focus on customer satisfaction – the only way to ensure shareholders’ interests in growing profits and business value;
  • maximum business transparency;
  • shaping the company’s long-term competitiveness through building up and maintaining long-term relations with key partners.