Annual report 2006 JSC "TGC-1"


Sustainable growth

  • Effective performance in terms of new energy and power market;
  • Increasing TGC-1 share on the heat and electricity markets;
  • Growth of sales, net profit increase and maintenance of financial stability;
  • Financial borrowing costs reduction;
  • Continuing of Company’s social sustainability, upgrading professional skills and living quality of its employees;
  • Working-out and realization of TGC-1 own environmental policy.

Realization of investment projects and renovation of production assets

  • Implementation of the automated information and measuring system of commercial energy accounting in the Nevsky and the Kolsky Branches;
  • Installation and putting into commercial operation of Automated Information and Measurement System for Commercial Electricity Counting (AIIS KUE) at Nevsky and Karelsky Branches;
  • Introduction of quality management system, environmental management, and project management in investment activity.

Higher market value of the business

  • Quotation of TGC-1 shares on the “B” list at Russian stock exchanges;
  • Better quality and higher effectiveness of cooperation with investment community.

Better corporate governance

  • Implementation of corporate social accountability and non-financial risk management system;
  • Higher corporate governance scores.