Annual report 2006 JSC "TGC-1"


JSC “TGC-1” was founded in March 2005 as part of Russian power industry reform and was registered in interdistrict inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service on March 25, 2005. JSCs “Lenenergo”, “Kolenergo” and “Karelenergogeneratsiya” acted as founders of TGC-1.

JSC “TGC-1” comprises 55 power plants operating on the territory of four subjects of the Russian Federation — St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region, the Republic of Karelia, and the Murmansk Region. The Сompany’s assets include also the heat networks with the total length exceeding 940 km.

The Сompany specializes in electricity generation and heat production, delivery and sales. The electricity produced by it is primarily sold on the domestic wholesale market with a portion also exported to neighboring Finland and Norway.

Company’s share in installed capacity of the North-West region is 38%, 2.8% in installed capacity of the power plants of Russia, and about 2.4% of the total volume of produced electricity. TGC-1 is the only territorial generating company in Russia with 46% of HEPPs in generating capacities structure.

TGC-1 has installed electric capacity of 6,248.4 MW (including JSC “Murmansk CHPP”) and heat production capacity of 14,735 GCal/h.

TGC-1 has three regional Branches:

  • Nevsky Branch (St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region);
  • Kolsky Branch (Murmansk Region);
  • Karelsky Branch (the Republic of Karelia).