JSC TGC-1 and Russian National Library Present Posters of Wartime Leningrad


May 5, 2012 Russian National Library hold a presentation of the unique album Posters of Wartime Leningrad.

This is the first time the full collection of the wartime posters created by the painters of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War is presented. Most of the posters are kept in the private foundations and have been unknown for a long time.

The edition Posters of Wartime Leningrad was published with the support of TGC-1 in Moscow, 2011, Contact-Culture publishing house.

After the presentation TGC-1 will give 50 albums to the Russian National Library Funds.

The e-version of the album is available on the TGC-1 site - http://www.tgc1.ru/press-center/sobytija/plakaty-voennogo-leningrada/