The VIII Contest for Gazprom Energoholding LLC Young Professionals and Innovators took place in Moscow


On 11–12 September, the VIII Contest for Gazprom Energoholding LLC Young Professionals and Innovators was held at the CHPP-12 of PJSC Mosenergo. PJSC Mosenergo, PJSC MOEK, TGC-1, PJSC OGK-‑2, PJSC St. Petersburg Heating Grid, and PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP participated in the contest. For the first time employees of repair companies of the Group participated in the contest, namely, JSC Gazprom Energoremont, Teploenergoremont LLC, and LLC Teploenergoremont-Servis. Students from the leading specialised universities of Russia — Moscow Power Engineering Institute and Kazan State Power Engineering University — also took part. Traditionally, the contest works were presented in two sections. The technical section included proposals for the upgrade and optimisation of hydraulic structures and equipment, fuel supply, thermal and technical, environmental and water chemical equipment, electrical equipment, relay protection and automation of power plants and grids, construction and repairs, industrial safety.

In the Management and Automation section there were the works on personnel management and corporate culture, economics and management, information technology and information security, automation of technological processes, operation of means of communication, business development, and law.

Some ideas and innovative proposals presented in the contest are already being implemented in the Group companies, some ideas are only theoretical ones at the moment. The practical implementation of the proposed projects is expected to significantly improve the quality of production and operational processes in the companies, and bring a significant economic effect.

Participants had to defend their works, which had already passed the contest selection in their organisations, to the contest judges — the heads of Gazprom Energoholding LLC and production companies of the Group.

The judges noted that every year the level of works is getting higher, and it was not easy for the contest committee to choose the best ones. Experts also noted that participants successfully presented their projects and managed to convey their ideas and proposals to the audience.

On results of two days of the contest, the winners in the technical section are:

Prize place




Evgeny Donets

PJSC OGK-2 Branch

Krasnoyarskaya GRES-2

Training stand for testing complex relay protection and automation devices (RPA)


Nina Bystrova

Ekaterina Platonova

PJSC OGK-2 Branch — Surgutskaya GRES-1

Secondary use of stage 1 concentrate of reverse osmosis (RO) system


Sergey Voevodin


Vitaly Dvoretsky


The Tuloma and Serebryanskiye HPPs Cascade

оf TGC-1 Kolsky Branch

Replacement of hydraulic drive with electric drive

Andrey Boloznin and Sergey Sazhin (CHPP-20 of PJSC Mosenergo) have won the special nomination “Teamwork” for the project “Optimisation of the thermal scheme of the CCGT power generating unit”. Vladimir Yakovlev (Ryazanskaya PJSC OGK-2) won the nomination "For perseverance in achieving the goal" for the work "Upgrade of T-25.01 track tension mechanism as a result of process approach to repair activities."

The best works in the Management and Automation section:

Prize place




Liliya Belovol

PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP

System of rapid search of damaged area in the heat supply grids, and an area with disturbed waterproofing of the channel


Vera Mikhailova


Methods of performance analysis for metering devices


Zhanna Postnykh


Prediction of emergencies of heat supply grids with the help of artificial intelligence to optimise programmes of diagnostics, repair and renovation


Yaroslavna Zadesenskaya (JSC Gazprom Energoremont) won the special nomination "For the best law solution" for the project "Systematisation of contractual work as a priority area of cooperation between business units of the Company." Aleksandr Romanov (Teploenergoremont LLC, NKMZ Branch) has won the nomination "For life and health care" for the project "Optimisation of production areas, reduction of labour costs and time standards for transportation of raw materials, finished parts and assembly units between the sites."


For reference:

Gazprom Energoholding has been holding the Contest for Young Professionals and Innovators since 2012.

The key objective of the Contest is searching and further promoting the most efficient ideas and projects in various areas of operation, as well as exchanging ideas and practical experience.

In 2019, 329 projects were submitted for the selection stages. 37 participants presenting 26 works became the finalists of the contest.