TGC-1 Celebrated the Winners of the All-Russian School Competition in First Aid and Safety Basics


On May 14, 2012, the ceremony was held in the Anichkov Palace in St. Petersburg to award the winners and runners-up of the regional and final stages of the All-Russian School Competition in First Aid and Safety Basics.

The final stage of the IV All-Russian School Competition in First Aid and Safety Basics, attended by 165 winners and runners-up of regional competitions from sixty-five Russian regions, took place in Irkutsk on April 23-28, 2012. Over four and a half thousand school children from St. Petersburg participated in the district competition in First Aid and Safety Basics. As a result, 203 of them moved on to the city competition and thirteen students were able to represent St. Petersburg at the All-Russian School Competition in Irkutsk.

Within a week, the children had to pass the theoretical and practical portions of the competition. The competition's tasks required not only a thorough knowledge of the subject, but also the ability to apply that knowledge in real life. Many of them were designed to test logical, analytical, and creative thinking.

Life safety students also had to go through the so-called field round, which included an obstacle course and providing first aid to the victims of water, fire, car accidents, etc. 

TGC-1 presented the competition winners - Vladislav Dmitriev (School #249 of the Kirov District), Anastasia Ivanova and Anna Obraztsova (Gymnasia #528 of the Nevsky District), Daria Pelogeyko (School #504 of the Kirov District) - with e-books, and runners-up received other prizes. 

The winners of the All-Russian Competition were granted admission to the life-safety-related departments of higher education institutions without entrance exams.


The preparation of talented youths capable of securing Russia's rightful place in the world begins in the classroom. School competitions play an important part in this. According to the Regulation on the All-Russian School Competition, the main goal and objective of the competition is to identify and develop students' creativity and interest in science and create conditions necessary to support gifted children and promote scientific knowledge.