PJSC TGC-1 Supported Opening of a Skating Rink in Gubernatorsky Park of Petrozavodsk


January 15, 2017 – The grand opening of a skating rink was held in Gubernatorsky park of Petrozavodsk. Performances of young figure skaters and hockey players, interactive ice games, a workshop on making eco-masks and a show by "Light Your Star" folk group were organised for the guests of the festival.

– In 2017 TGC-1 also reopened another skating rink and arranged a wonderful winter feast together with the Karelian Volunteering Development Centre. Now our young skaters and active lifestylers can hone their skills on the rink, – Olga Bilko, a member of Petrozavodsk City Council, noted in her welcoming speech.

On January 22 guests will be engaged in arranging an adventure park together with the Scouts of Karelia, participate in a quest game at the energy facilities of TGC-1, visit a charity café and a winter photo zone.

— Our centre is eager to support a tradition of winter sports, restored by the energy professionals.  We are happy to see so many citizens at the art-rink, and the weather supported us as well granting a lovely winter day! Every Sunday the residents of Petrozavodsk will be treated with a new exciting program, – Darya Makovetskaya, the Head of the Karelian Volunteering Development Centre, stated.

Please note that the art-sites will be open on Sundays from 13:00 to 15:00 till the end of February. All this time VKontakte and Instagram will be holding a contest for the best photo. To participate you should just post your picture with #каток_тгк1 hashtag.