Young Norway maples decorated the avenue in the historical center of Petrozavodsk


On May 19, 2016 the employees of JSC TGC-1 planted the Norway maples in the historical center of Petrozavodsk opposite to the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia and the Kantele House on Karl Marks Avenue. Young trees were grown in the nursery garden in St. Petersburg.

The first tree on the historical avenue was planted by Director of the Karelskiy Branch of JSC TGC-1 Valery Belov together with the energy system veteran Pavel Ganin.

“Our event today is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the unified Karelia energy system which is considered to have been born on June 16, 1931. We have been supporting the tradition of planting the trees in Petrozavodsk for five years already, greeted the participants Valeriy Belov, the Director of the Karelskiy Branch, we will take all efforts in order to continue improving our city and making it green not only the center, but also the districts. In future planting of trees in the Oktyabrskiy and Pervomayskiy Districts is planned.”

Pavel Ganin has been working in the energy sector for almost half a century and has the title of honor “Honored Energy Man”. The veteran is a permanent participant of the company’s charitable actions.

“Today the young five-meter maples decorated the main cultural square of Petrozavodsk. These maples will find their new home under the careful control of ecological experts. I do not remember how many trees I have planted throughout my life, but these particular maples I have planted for the first time.” 

Ecological experts provided the special master class for planting of trees, and the Tregubov sisters and Ilya Drats created the holiday spirit with their live singing and playing the old Russian bard.

“It was not the first year when TGC-1 carried out the social activity and we are very thankful to this company. This is the first company that has responded to our initiative to participate in the action “100 trees for Petrozavodsk” dedicated to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia,” remarked Yulia Mizinkova, the Head of the Department for Environmental Protection and Ecological Awareness Activities of the Administration of Petrozavodsk.