TGC-1 Knyazhegubskaya HPP Celebrates its 60th Anniversary


Official celebrations took place in Zelenoborskiy settlement, Murmansk Oblast, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of  TGC-1 Knyazhegubskaya HPP. A memorial was unveiled at the power plant site to honour hydraulic structures builders.

"Knyazhegubskaya HPP was built by ten thousand people. Despite harsh Subarctic conditions, the power plant was completed within the shortest time," Vladislav Saranskiy, Head of TGC-1 Knyazhegubskaya HPP, said. "Nowadays, the plant generates electricity supplied to the community and industry in the region and is a major company for Zelenoborskiy settlement.

Initial HPP capacity was 128MW but the revamp contributed to its increase to 152MW. Plant retrofit is in progress. A new excitation system was introduced enabling operation control automation and hydroelectric units were overhauled to improve equipment reliability."

The participants of 'HPP Giving Warmth and Light for Sixty Happy Years', children's painting contest dedicated to the operation of Knyazhegubskaya HPP and the energy specialist profession received awards during the anniversary celebrations.

"We actively cooperate with educational and social institutions both in Zelenoborskiy settlement and in the Murmansk Oblast in general. Such contests and tours around the HPP help children to understand how electricity reaches their homes, learn how electricity can be used with care, and discover more about the energy specialist profession", Vladimir Saranskiy added.

The energy specialists in the Kandalaksha District take regular efforts to develop sports. The tradition of annual ski races to win TGC-1 Cup launched for the HPP 55th anniversary is still respected. Over 500 athletes from across the Murmansk Oblast participate in the competitions held by the company every year.