The Gazprom sets in the operation new CCGT-unit of the Yuzhnaya CHP in St. Petersburg


Alexey Miller, The Gazprom Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Management Committee, took part in the setting in the commercial operation of the new CCGT-unit at the Yuzhnaya CHP of JSC TGC-1.

“Today’s event is the proof of the Gazprom status as a major investor in Russian energy. We used the newest technologies in the Yuzhnaya CHP new unit building, which are to provide significant resources economy and to minimize the impact on the environment. Let me underline that the equipment of the new unit was produced by Russian mechanicals.

The operation of the new CCGT-unit of the Yuzhnaya CHP solves the actual deficits of electricity in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, increases the square of heating in the South of the city and provides new abilities to the manufacturing growth in the nearby regions,” Alexey Miller comments.

Yuzhnaya CHP 

Installed electric capacity: 1200 MW. Installed heat capacity: 2, 531 GCal/h. On April 1, 2011 Yuzhnaya  CHP starts supply capacities according to the market agreements. April 8, 2011 new CCGT-unit of the Yuzhnaya CHP with electric capacity of 450 MW and heat capacity of 341 GCal/h started its operating activity.