Gazprom commissioned 1.4 GW of new capacity in 2015


Today in the headquarters of PJSC Gazprom, in the lead-up to the annual General Shareholders' Meeting of the Company, press conference "Gazprom's Power Generation Strategy" was held. The participant was Denis Fedorov, Head of Department in PJSC Gazprom and General Director of Gazprom energoholding LLC.

It was said that in 2015, Russia had seen a drop in demand for electricity. Also, because if the mild weather, heat output was reduced. The total volume of electricity produced by the major generating companies (Mosenergo, JSC MIPC, PJSC OGK-2 and JSC TGC-1) amounted to 145 billion kWh (-4.7% of the generation in 2014), and the total volume of heat was 111.9 million Gcal (-6.9%).

However, adequate consolidated financial results were achieved. The total receipts as per RAS in 2015 remained almost flat as compared to 2014 being 454.7 billion rubles, while EBITDA increased by 20% — to 63.5 billion rubles and net profit increased more than threefold — to 11.7 billion rub. This result was achieved, in particular, through the commissioning of new facilities and minimising of the load on inefficient generating units.

In 2015, the Group commissioned 1390 MW of new capacity in Russia: 2 steam-gas generating units of 420 MW each (at the OGK-2 Serovskaya GRES and the Mosenergo CHPP-20), and a steam-gas generating unit of 220 MW (at the Mosenergo CHPP-20). Furthermore, renovation of steam turbine unit at the OGK-2 Ryazanskaya GRES was completed with a power increase from 270 MW to 330 MW.

In total, since Gazprom Group joined the electricity sector in 2007 till 2015, it has commissioned more than 7 GW under its capacity supply agreements (CSA). The target capacity to be commissioned is approximately 9 GW.

The matters of operation of Gazprom electric power facilities in the Russian regions were also discussed in the press conference.