«Hour of Power» at Interactive scientific and entertaining centre «Umnikum»


On May 2012 power engineering specialists together with employers of the Interactive scientific and entertaining centre «Umnikum» start a series of lectures about efficient and safe energy use for children as a project called «Hour of Power».

Weekly practices and lectures will be held at the territory of the unique exposition centre in Saint-Petersburg. In «Umnikum» all participants of «Hour of Power» will hear interesting story about most complicated phenomena and processes: speed and electricity movement, the energy nature, its properties, bases of the thermal phenomena and etc.

The program aims developing interaction between power engineering specialists and pupils of Saint-Petersburg schools where it is studied principles of personal and social safety and inmates from Centre of uncared-for children, children’s home of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

For Reference

TGC-1 participates in implementation of the large social projects, and closely cooperates with a number of federal and regional public organizations, charity foundations and medical institutions. Since 2006 in region schools with support of TGC-1 there are lessons about effective energy use and the cost-effective use of resources.

"Umnikum" — the Interactive scientific and entertaining centre which main mission is the creating an enabling environment for formation of a new approach to study natural-science disciplines. The company aims at developing children’ and teenagers’ need in self-development through knowledge, formation of the positive relation to a science as to a fascinating and important part of the modern world.

 «Hour of Power» — in 2012 TGC-1 launched a new project carried out together with the Interactive scientific and entertaining centre "Umnikum". The purpose of the project is an introduction of the safe energy use practices for children and pupils, and also a promotion of the school program «Safe and effective energy use» in Saint-Petersburg.